Artikeln publicerades 17 januari 2024

Clinical Quality Registries Masterclass 2024

Take the opportunity to update and expand your knowledge about quality improvement using clinical quality registries and interact with international colleagues.

Danish Centre for Health Services Research at Aalborg University, the Danish Clinical Quality Program and the Danish Society for Quality in Health Sector
arrange the 1st annual Clinical Quality Registries Masterclass in Aalborg on June 19-21 2024.

The organisers are senior experts with extensive experience. They will provide a comprehensive and practically oriented take and new perspectives on the central themes within clinical quality improvement based on clinical quality registries.

Participants should have a few years of experience in working with clinical registries. The registration fee is 150 euro.

More information

Clinical Quality Registries Masterclass, (PDF) Pdf, 563 kB.


  • Ulrika Forsberg

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